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"Although being a dinosaur of YouTube, I feel like I do (or should!) know a lot of this stuff, I found it really motivating and a very good refresh."

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video Courses built from ten years of working directly with creators, five years at some of the biggest brands in the world, and two years delivering workshops and keynotes at some of the industry’s leading events.

We've spent years perfecting our training series; from understanding the basics of influencer marketing, to unpicking KPIs, and delving into the complexities of industry law.


Whether you're a creator, a brand, or just somebody who wants to understand more about influencer marketing, we will be regularly launching digitised versions of some of our most popular courses and keynotes.


check out our latest courses below!

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course: contracts and money

Exposing the contract mistakes most people make, and exploring how much influencer agreements should cost. This one hour is all you need as a creator or a brand to navigate those tricky but super important steps in the relationship, to make sure everyone is protected, feels valued, and the focus can be all on the creative content.

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what is influencer marketing?

Our most popular crash course for those who are new to the world of influencer marketing! Including free resources sent straight to your inbox to help you get started with your next campaign.

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navigating industry regulations

Our most requested course deep diving into the industry laws and regulations, why they're important, how you can be compliant in everything you do, and what will happen if you aren't...

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common mistakes made by creators

Coming soon!

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brands' doors

A favourite among creators, full of insider tips and first-hand experience of how to build your profile and increase your success with big and small brands. A must-watch for content creators of all sizes and levels of experience.


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