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Geo started her "influencer" career 10 years ago as a sixth form student, making pocket money by building blogs and editing content for the world's early bloggers and YouTubers. Whilst studying film at university she fell more in love with this industry, editing YouTube videos to pay rent and interning at fashion brands at their blogger events and shoots, going on to manage talent directly as a result.


Fast forward to now and she is still crazy about this fast-paced, ever-evolving industry, and has worked agency-side and in-house at some of the most exciting brands in the world. After spending a month in 2018 travelling around the far east learning about the "influencer" world from a completely different perspective, Geo spent a year as Global Advocacy Manager at Charlotte Tilbury Beauty.


The Happy Cat team now spend their days speaking at industry events, leading influencer marketing courses and working with brands to deliver impactful and exciting campaigns.

Let us know how we can work with you to reach your goals

through the power of advocacy!



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team training.

A series of training sessions and workshops to upskill, inform and empower the team. We worked with heights to highlight and troubleshoot existing struggles with their marketing efforts, and supported in an overhaul of their KPIs and strategy.


culture trip.

strategising and supplying content for global owned channels

Pulling in our portfolio of global travel videography creators to produce exciting content for the culture trip owned channels.

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connecting new ambassadors with the charity and building strategy and process for the business whilst upskilling the team

Activating creators with a conscious following to help raise awareness and vital funds for British food banks. Supporting the marketing team in Bankuet’s mission to get food banks what they need, when they need it. Amplifying Bankuet’s message and driving donations to be turned into supplies, making sure everyone has enough food to eat. Building processes, creating documents and upskilling the team on best practices in influencer marketing.


miami burger.

advocacy strategy with campaign execution

Delivering end to end campaign strategy and execution to bring Miami Burger to a new audience, whilst generating a bank of powerful creative content.


100,000 new customers reached, 11,000+ engagements and dozens of organic posts generated which drove hundreds of clickthroughs to the brand's own page. Engagement rates as high as 17% across the different content shot and shared by the talent. 


wild at heart foundation.

connecting new ambassadors with the charity and leading paid social for a fundraising campaign

Activating dog lovers with a conscious following to help raise vital funds for the Wild at Heart Foundation through the Fashion Rehomed campaign. Managing paid social projects and facilitating new relationships with industry talent. Achieved a CTR of 9% on ads and supported in raising thousands of pounds for the charity and their efforts.

"I just wanted to take a moment to say how grateful we all are for your help – it’s the first time we’ve had that kind of success with paid ads, and your expertise and help running these really was invaluable."



webinar host, guest appearance on the fast traack podcast and guest writer on their industry publication

"In the latest episode of The Fast Traack by Traackr, we spoke with Geo West, founder of HAPPY CAT Influencer Marketing Consultancy!

We posed the question "do brands and influencers really understand each other?"

  • What can each party do to better understand the other? 

  • What could concretely result from a better understanding of each other?"




industry compliance training and advocacy strategy with campaign execution

Building a full launch and engagement strategy including hundreds of relevant industry advocates, and delivering end to end campaign execution. Advising the founders on industry legal compliance and best practice, auditing marketing efforts and producing legal documents.

Official quote from founder:

"We started working with Happy Cat 6 months prior to launching Sons, both our founders had very little understanding of the advocate/influencer industry. Happy Cat helped educate our business and develop a winning strategy in the channel. They have shown that they can identify and access the right advocates through their strong industry relationships and also have the expertise to set up and execute campaigns that drive ROI."


bua fit.

leading ambassador sourcing and contracting

Connecting industry-leading talent in the fitness niche with the brand, scoping and contracting leading ambassadors to build reputation and drive awareness.


fudge urban.

multiple tactical reactive campaigns

Identifying and briefing high performing relevant advocates for multyiple tactical campaigns, to reach primary and secondary shoppers through creative content. Managed end to end from creative concept through the contract stage and reporting.


men expert.

in-house end to end campaign management

Events, product seeding, shoots and collaborative content managed end to end from creative idea conception to prospecting relevant talent, building relationships and delivering strong results for each product launch.

Official quote from Brand Director:

Geo is an absolute pleasure to work with. In the time that she was in my team on Men Expert, she brought the brand to a new level in terms of advocate engagement with both an impressive strategic approach as well as building a tangible plan that then delivered across multiple campaigns. It gives me complete pleasure to recommend brands and businesses to work with Geo.


loreal paris.

in-house end to end campaign management

Events, product seeding, shoots and collaborative content managed end to end from creative idea conception to prospecting relevant talent, building relationships and delivering strong results for each product launch.

Official quote from Global Advocacy and Influencer Marketing Director:

Geo is wholeheartedly one of the most talented digital marketers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. With an absolute natural talent for identifying and developing content and platform trends before they reach scale. Not only does she have the business acumen to know which strategies to focus on depending on the objective, she’s a first class people person who builds the most authentic, long-term relationships. Geo is the kind of woman you’ll want on your team. Trustworthy, creative and honest, I hope I have the pleasure of working with her again.



customer targeting strategy and team education

Official quote from CEO:

Before Happy Cat. 100% of our marketing efforts were B2B. They delivered outstanding training to our founders and the team to shift our mindset to understand the customer more, and created an unbelievable strategy to define how we should be marketing to the end consumer which we'll be using in everything we do going forward. They trained our teams on compliance and industry best practice. Their passion is contagious.

ct logo.jpg

charlotte tilbury beauty.

brand building through all facets of advocacy

Working in-house managing the global charge on all things Advocacy (non-media brand awareness and love). Identifying, auditing and managing relationships with key industry tools, reporting on campaign and always on results, and driving the strategy for influencer, makeup artist and consumer relationships. Working closely with Digital Partnerships to strategise and deliver the Pro Scheme and Affiliate Programme. Supporting CRM, Customer Service, HR and field Education team to ensure cohesive brand comms through all touchpoints. Creating campaign strategies to achieve wider business goals and support in the execution of this within each of our local markets.


benefit cosmetics.

micro influencer advocacy programme

Working in-house on a number of events and activations large and small, including co-developinng and running a micro influencer advocacy programme to connect with regional emerging talent and build proximity to the brand through a monthly series of upskilling and engaging events.

Official quote from the current Senior PR & Influencer Manager:

Geo was an instrumental part of bringing to life many of our events across press, influencer and consumer initiatives. She was a dedicated and hardworking member of the team, with her finger on the pulse and often suggested innovative ways of approaching challenges and opportunities. She was compassionate and kind and never missed the opportunity to help others. She really understood the social landscape and intuitively understood what it took to create a successful and results driven campaign. It was a pleasure to have worked alongside Geo.


selfridges & co.

proximity building event

Created and executed an event run by advocates for advocates in an industry where the real talk is often left unsaid. Making advocates feel closer to the brand as it facilitated some meaningful and inspiring workshops and panels.


new look.

London Fashion Week event

Built and managed the guestlist for the seasonal influencer Fashion Week event, introducing advocates of all tiers to the latest collections and driving content and excitement for the brand.

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