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We are an award winning global influencer marketing consultancy with a simple, human approach to advocacy marketing

Through over a decade of being in love with the social media influencer industry, we at Happy Cat have picked up a thing or two about successful advocacy marketing! Our passion is using our experience and expertise, and strong industry connections to create engaging and impactful content for brands, through the power of true advocates and their digital audience.

We are industry purists through and through, and believe that there is no tool or
corporate marketing agency who can deliver better results than people who truly care

about and deeply understand influencer marketing.

Tired of the negative press, seeing the industry moving further away from human
connections, and watching as brands and influencers continue to misunderstand
each other, we decided it was time to make a change, and so Happy Cat was born.

Whether you're a small business looking to dip your toes in this huge, exciting
industry, or a large brand hoping to outsource your efforts, get in touch! We also
deliver education and legal programmes to upskill your team in industry best

practice and insights, built from first hand experience.

who we


We are a young, passionate team who have worked with social media talent for 10 years - long before "influencer" was even a thing! These days we prefer the word "advocates", as we believe it is true advocacy which will drive the most value to your business.


Find out more about our founder and portfolio:

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1/5th of social media users have bought something because an influencer or blogger recommended it

- Civic Science

who we are

what we


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We work with you to create the perfect advocacy strategy for your business.


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We connect you with the right advocates to elevate your campaigns.


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We upskill your team on how to build and execute effective advocacy strategies for your business.


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