Will an Instagram feature drive customers to my brand?

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

How much added-value to my brand can a selfie really bring?

How much value to my brand can a selfie really drive? I saw my product featured on Instagram Stories, is that enough to convert customers to buy from me?

In some cases - yes, that really will be all it takes to at least drive some new traffic to your site. However alone, social media coverage really isn't the sole way that an advocate will drive value to your brand.


They aren't called "content creators" for nothing! There are thousands of extremely talented creators on social media ready to produce high-value stills and videos of your product. A well-planned contract with your chosen advocate will allow you to repurpose the content they have created for you in your own campaigns. Whilst usage rights will raise the fee of the contract, the end result will still be much more affordable, and much more impactful than a creative production agency would produce. It's been proven time and time again that the media which performs best on social media is content which doesn't look like a brand produced it. So why don't you get the experts to create it for you?

True advocacy

As we've said before - don't fall for the promise of a quick win. The reason we at HappyCat. use the word advocate is because when done right, that is the ideal relationship between the brand and the creator. These "influencers" are the key opinion leaders in their peer group. Their friends, family and followers look to them for recommendations on brands and products. They are respected by journalists and other creators. If they truly believe in you and your offering, they'll spread your message far and wide on your behalf, without you ever having to ask them to. That is true advocacy.